Earning monthly $TIME rewards with TRIPs NFT

by | Jan 18, 2022


Want to invest in $TIME, but hold onto a fun NFT at the same time?

The team at the RabbitHole did just that.

The project isn’t actually affiliated with Wonderland Time, but a team of crypto enthusiasts that want to see $TIME succeed.

TripsNFT collection consists of NFTs backed by the Rabbit Hole $TIME treasury.

If you own a Trips NFT called “TRIPs” you’ll be able to claim a percentage of the treasury rebase every 30 days.

Minting for TRIPs started in December 2021 and sold out quickly.

After the sell-out of NFTs the Rabbit Hole team quickly began to build the functionality for rewards.

As of this writing, the rewards have yet to start, but an AMA session slotted for an upcoming weekend sounds like it will be starting ASAP.

Being a little late to the mint, I purchased my Trips NFT on the secondary market.

You can see all the TRIPs for sale at NFTrade.com


trips nft

Why I bought TRIPs NFT?

  • PSolid Team
  • POngoing Earnings via profit distribution
  • PReasonable Pricing
  • PLiquidity and potential earnings via NFT sale

NFT Project Concerns

  • Very New Project
  • Unsure of earnings potential as rewards has not been setup yet
  • Difficult to tell which are "rare" TRIPs to earn additional rewards bonus.

TRIPs NFT Benefits and Utility

The main benefit for The Rabbit Hole NFT holders comes from getting rewards in $MEMO for holding the NFT.

The initial mint for TRIPs was in the sale of $TIME.

That $TIME from the NFT sale was then staked into wonderland.money

40% of the rebased amount of $MEMO will be claimable back to the holders of The Rabbit Hole NFT every 30 days.

Note: the TRIPs NFT project is similar and I believe from the same team as a similar project Time Frogs that is also supporting $TIME but with a lottery-style reward.

Recent TRIPs NFT Twitter Updates

Digital Farmland’s TRIPs NFT Strategy

TRIPs is too early to really create a strategy around. Once more details and data around expected earnings and/or demand for the project after the reward updates we will be able to better strategize. 

At the moment, the plan is to hold my TRIPs NFT. During Q2 of 2022 I will reaccess to see if should hold on or part ways with the NFT project.