During the process of many hours of research, experiments in blockchain, crypto, NFTs, etc.  We’ve come across several products that can save time and make your life a little easier as you build your digital asset portfolio.

Many of these tools are free and some are paid.

If you click the links and purchase these products, there is a chance Digital Farmland will get paid a commission.  Thank you!


Changelly makes it easy to get many different cryptocurrencies. Spend USD or trade other currencies.

Category: Exchange

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Vfat Tools

Vfat tools is a bit more of an advanced tool. While the tools lacks in a flashy user interface. The tool makes it very easy to find liquidity pools worth pursuing as well as monitoring and managing your current liquidity pools.

Vfat tools even has the ability to update your positions through decentralized networks, which can be helpful if the dex platform would ever go down.

Category: Analytics, Information

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Dapp Radar

Dapp Radar is a great tool at analyzing trends. One of our favorite features is to sort new projects, tokens, and NFT collections based on users and volume. It makes it easy to find projects that are gaining traction quickly. Dapp Radar is a free tool and is growing rapidly. They have been the target of a few attacks so always be sure to double-check and DYOR.

Category: Analytics, Information

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Dex Screener is similar to Dapp Rader, but a little more advanced. It has just about every network you can think of. Up to date price details, and make it really easy to see recent transactions and where the market is headed with number of buys and sells in the last 5 min, 6 hours, and 24 hours.

Category: Analytics

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