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What is DigitalFarmland.com?

Cryptocurrency, web 3.0, metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, etc are changing the world.

These concepts are incredibly fascinating, solve real-world problems, and lower the barriers for the average person across numerous verticals (especially in finance).

The problem is with so much complexity, scams, and initial “newness”. It’s a difficult landscape to navigate.

Our goal at Digital Farmland is to help you invest in digital assets to earn passive income.

Case Studies and Guides

On our Digital Farm you’ll find in-depth guides, how-tos, success stories, interviews, reviews, timely announcements so you can get in early on NFTs, crypto currencies, and strategies to help you grow your digital asset portfolio.


Hours of research to give you the “tldr”. Whether it’s a country making cryptocurrency their official currency, new projects, protocols, regulations, or strategies our goal is to share our latest findings in simple formats.

Digital Asset Portfolio

Just as a real estate investor will invest and manage physical properties. It is my goal to invest and manage digital properties. A diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency, mining operations, NFTs, P2E gaming, fractionalized investments, and more.

With so many scams in crypto we want to be as transparent as possible. Meaning we will share both our good and bad investments.



None of the information you read on Digital Farmland should be taken as investment advice. Our content, writers, and journalists’ opinions are solely their own. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, full of scams, and risky.

I do my best to bring to light potential scams and gauge the risk of digital asset investments. But I too have been scammed and part of rug pulls. Even projects with great intentions and transparency fail due to third-party scammers or regulatory pressures. Even with all the scams and risks we still very much believe in the future of this new digital world. Please be careful and do your own research!

crypto passive investments

Helium: details coming soon!

With PlanetWatch you can earn the crypto token $PLANETS for providing air quality data. Earnings = approximately $7 per day.

View Digital Farmland's Strategy for PlanetWatch.

Details coming soon

Liquidity Mining: Details coming soon

We are actively investing in NFT projects that we believe will be around for years to come. From digital land, gaming, and DeFi NFts.

Check out our latest NFT Purchases and Strategy

The Digital Farmland portfolio consists on numerous crypto currencies and tokens we plan to hold onto long term. In other words we are buying and holding on through the wild swings in hopes of long term growth.

View our "HODL" Investments

Crypto Gaming: Strategy and info arriving shortly