WM Datenservice Establishes Another Important Element for the Digitalization of the Securities Sector with Nucleus Finance as its First partner

NEW YORK & ZUG, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With “Tokenization as a Service” (TaaS), WM Datenservice opens up its well-known, high-performance interface infrastructure for crypto securities. As part of the service, data of issued securities is recorded, structured and forwarded to tokenizers and crypto securities registries.

The first partner in the “Tokenization as a Service” (TaaS) area is Nucleus Finance AG.

Together, Nucleus Finance AG and WM Datenservice have further developed this new service for “Tokenization as a Service” (TaaS) as part of a joint project.

An initial proof of concept project for a classic bond and a structured product was successfully implemented based on data from WM Datenservice and systems from Nucleus Finance AG. In doing so, Nucleus Finance AG brings a new TaaS approach that allows on-chain and off-chain elements for the cost-efficient use of blockchain technology. The first implementation is on the Casper Blockchain (see details on CasperLabs below).

Based on algorithmic Smart Financial Contracts (SFC), efficient, secure and verifiable tokenization of the security is enabled. With the help of these SFCs from Nucleus Finance AG, the digital representation of the security as an ownership title is ensured on the one hand. On the other hand, using the open source standard “ACTUS”, the secure and verifiable, machine-readable settlement of the securities in the lifecycle is ensured in a cost-efficient manner.

For the time being, Nucleus Finance AG and WM Datenservice will focus their TaaS services on simple structured products such as certificates, warrants and bonds. Depending on customer needs, other types of securities could be covered.

WM Datenservice remains open to offer TaaS services with different technology partners. The goal is to make WM Datenservice’s existing infrastructure available as efficiently and comprehensively as possible for the digitalized further development of the securities market.

WM Datenservice, Frankfurt

WM Datenservice is the central authority and data provider for the global financial market. WM Datenservice provides the financial industry with master data, identifiers and market information. In other words, WM Datenservice offers its customers solutions in an increasingly data-centric world and ensures that financial data of the highest quality is provided at the right time and in the right form. This is based on many years of expertise, which enables WM Datenservice to provide the financial market with standardized, essential and qualitative data & services.

Nucleus Finance AG, Zug (CH)

Nucleus Finance AG, based in Zug (CH), is a joint venture between CasperLabs. a leading enterprise blockchain developer, and Ariadne Business Analytics AG, a provider of new generation software systems for banks and financial service providers. Nucleus Finance AG combines specialized innovations from finance and blockchain technology to deliver next-generation product capabilities in financial services: these include new core banking system capabilities, verifiable real-time audits, tokenization of existing and new digital securities and commodities, and trading and securitization of financial contracts.

The new capabilities are possible thanks to the immutability, security and smart-contracting capabilities of the deployed Casper Blockchain combined with the proven Algorithmic Contract Types Unified Standard (ACTUS) for financial instruments used by Ariadne. The financial instruments tokenized by Nucleus Finance are able to provide a consistent and interoperable framework required for the future of finance.

CasperLabs, Zug (CH)

CasperLabs, Zug (CH) is a leading provider of Blockchain solutions for enterprise customers and develops innovative and future-proof software in the field of Blockchain and web3. Guided by open source principles, CasperLabs is committed to providing a reliable and secure framework for building private, public and hybrid Blockchain applications. As a result, the Casper Blockchain has been tailored to meet the exact needs of enterprises and offers specific features that promote enterprise Blockchain solutions. The CasperLabs team has extensive expertise in software development and brings experience from companies such as Google, Adobe, AWS, Dropbox, and Microsoft. To learn more, visit casperlabs.io.

Ariadne Business Analytics AG, Zug (CH)

Ariadne Business Analytics AG, Zug (CH) specializes in next-generation banking software based on standardized, digitized, algorithmic smart financial contracts. For FinTechs and new entrants in the financial sector, but also for modernizing traditional banks, Ariadne offers SolitX, a new approach to core banking solutions on a modern open banking architecture. This is fully integrated with the risk management, finance and advanced accounting solution AnalytX. Ariadne software is based on the open source ACTUS standard as the foundation for standardized algorithmic financial instruments. Ariadne offers its customers an evolutionary transition away from outdated legacy systems to the next generation of banking solutions and enables efficient combination with blockchain technology.