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by | Jan 31, 2022



Update: Thor took a pretty big hit during “crypto winter”. You can buy for much less than what we bought in at. It’s actually kind of embarrassing less. That being said the team is still rolling out new features and seems to be dedicated to making the project work long term, so we will also be holding long term.

UPDATE: Thor has added a fee system. You must now pay a monthly fee to keep nodes active.

Digital Farmland Thor Insights

On January 25th, 2022 I purchased a Thor node for 12.5 Thor tokens.

Thor is a node-based system in which you will commit Thor tokens in exchange you receive a Thor Node which earns daily rewards.

Cost of Thor Nodes

There are currently 4 types of nodes you can purchase. Each with a different price and earnings point.

HEIMDALL: 1.250 THOR per node
FREYA: 6.250 THOR per node
THOR: 12.500 THOR per node
ODIN: 78.125 THOR per node

You can find today’s price of Thor on Coin Market Cap. 

I purchased the Thor Node. Meaning it cost 12.5 Thor. I had purchased the token over a span of a few days, but my average cost per Thor was about $180.

The node will currently earn me .33 Thor per day.

BUT after a recent announcement Thor has reduced rewards to only .144 Thor per day.

A few were upset, but honestly, I’m just fine with this. I’m in it for the long haul. 

The current reward rates were unsustainable. I would rather have realistic earnings for a longer period of time.

Thor Price Prediction

My prediction is that Thor will hover around the $150-$200 USD in 2022. With a few peaks and valleys throughout the year.

Yes, it’s a pretty big range, but with the wide swings in the market, it’s difficult to see sustainable long-term growth.

With positive news in terms of regulation, and a strong bull market I could see Thor reaching $400-$500 later this year.

My prediction is more reflection of market uncertainties rather than the Thor team and treasury investments.

The team at Thor is transparent and seems to be placing long-term interests in front of short-term gains.

Thor Nodes Search Trends

Thor like most nodes is early and highly speculative. I picked Thor up when it was beginning to gain significantly more search volume.

thor node traction

You can see above the spike of Thor Financial searches according to Google Search Trends around the same time I purchased.

How the Thor DAO works:

Thor uses a snapshot voting system to make major decisions. Previously they used a discord voting system, but have recently upgraded to use Snapshot.

Here is an example of a recent vote on which audit company to use.

Those with Thor nodes are eligible to vote.

Thor Farming

The Thor team has recently added farming in the TraderJoe liquidity pools. At the moment I’m wavering between compounding earnings and reinvesting elsewhere.

The pool was a nice middle ground. So I put my first Thor earnings into the liquidity pool to earn a few extra rewards.

Overall Thor Outlook

Based on the rapid advancements and improvements from the team, I’m bullish on Thor Nodes. Thor is a core component of my digital asset strategy.

It’s a risky move, but in this situation, I’m less concerned about team or contract errors and more concerned about the market as a whole.

As a reminder do your own research, this is not financial advice.

You can find more information on Thor below:

Website: Thor.Financial
Twitter: @ThorNodes
Discord: Thor Discord Invite