NFT (Non Fungible Tokens)


Thoughts on NFTs

NFTs are more than just digital pieces of art. They can be event tickets, investment vehicles, trading cards, game characters, contracts, patents, song ownership, and can even give you ownership in the United States constitution!

We are building and investing in a digital portfolio of NFT assets that we believe will be around for generations. 

With increasing scams and rug pulls it isn’t easy.

Below you’ll find NFTs we invested in and projects we love.

Some projects are huge risks and timing is everything. Do Your Own Research. This is not financial advice.


nft example

Digital Farmlands NFT Collection

These are projects we either own, have invested in, flipped, or participated in a project with. The list is not comprehensive and as we buy and sell NFTs the list is ever-changing. i.e. this is not a current list, but more of a representative list.